Fire Trucks
Fire Trucks


Search and rescue vehicles are one of the tools that a firefighter or a volunteer search and rescue team needs most. You keep many of the materials you need in Search and Rescue Vehicles for rescue under rubble, rescue in water and saving a creature in need in nature. Search and Rescue Vehicles, instead of responding to fire like other Fire Brigade vehicles; It is used to reach and intervene in the fastest way to save a living being in emergency situations such as earthquakes, floods and accidents. Today, Search and Rescue Vehicles are highly developed with new technologies and can carry all the materials a Search and Rescue Team needs.


Fire Trucks with Hydraulic Ladders; They are technological tools used to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings and save living creatures. These types of vehicles, with their high-length hydraulic ladders, quickly intervene in multi-storey buildings and ensure the evacuation of those who cannot get out due to fire and are waiting for help from the fire area. With the fire extinguishing system on the Hydraulic Ladder Fire Trucks, it can also spray water at high pressure on the fire. Hydraulic Ladder Fire Trucks, which should be in every Fire Department institution, are the most important tools of firefighters.


Firefighter sprinklers are indispensable tools used in responding to all kinds of fires. Fire Brigade Drainage; It can fight fires for a long time with its high-capacity fire pump and water tank. All kinds of fires can be intervened with the high tonnage Water, KKT and Foam tanks in Fire Brigades. These types of Fire Brigade Sprinklers are also used to replenish water to Hydraulic Ladder Fire Trucks, which can send water to higher heights.


Water Tankers have the capacity to carry high tonnages of water and can be used as drinking water or transport water depending on the sheet quality. If the Water Tanker will be used for drinking water, the sheet quality must be at least Aisi304 stainless. ST37 or ST52 is preferred as sheet quality in Water Tankers that are not intended to be used as drinking water and are intended to be used in road irrigation and park and garden irrigation. In Water Tankers; There is a 1500LT/min or 3,000LT/min water pump, front and rear irrigation system, 40m hose reel and a monitor on the tank that can throw water to at least 50 meters. These types of Water Tankers, in addition to providing park and garden irrigation or drinking water, can also intervene in fires in emergency situations, like a Fire Brigade Sprinkler, thanks to the pump on them.


Mobile Maintenance Vehicles; They are indispensable maintenance and repair tools used in municipalities and private institutions. Maintenance and Repair Vehicles are great assistants to institutions, allowing them to quickly respond to malfunctions in the service areas of municipalities, water lines, power lines of private institutions, and airports within the city. Mobile Maintenance Repair Vehicles; It is designed according to the requests of the institutions and the place they will use it.


CBRN Tools; These are vehicles used in areas where chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear threats exist. Materials used to protect against such threats are carried and used in CBRN vehicles. CBRN vehicles vary in size and such Decontamination vehicles contain materials of different sizes, from small chemical detectors to large tents.


Fire Trucks

Search and rescue vehicles are one of the tools that a firefighter or a volunteer search and rescue team needs most. You will find many materials you need for rescue under the rubble, rescue in water and saving a creature in need in nature.

Drain Opening and Cleaning Tools

Drain opening and/or cleaning tools are tools used to draw and transfer waste water and waste accumulated in septic tanks and channels or to open blocked sewer pipes.

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