BAİS Makina Mühendislik Otomotiv Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi

Ahi Evran OSB Mah. Dağıstan Cad. No:8 Sincan/ANKARA
TEL: + (90) 312 802 04 00 FAKS: + (90) 312 802 06 10

ASO Teknopark

ASO Teknopark Ahi Evran OSB Mah. Erkunt Cad. No: 1/B03 Sincan/ANKARA

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Fire Fighting Vehicles, Channeling and Cleaning Vehicles, Garbage Collection Vehicles, Water Tankers, Platforms with Baskets, Special Vehicles for the Defense Industry, etc. is in our product range. In addition, BAİS, which is the approved bodybuilder of the leading truck manufacturers of the sector, produces projects and special solutions according to the demands of its partners, and is appreciated with its services.

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