Mobile Workshop (Maintenance) Vehicles



For the purpose, it is designed to be appropriate placement of requested equipments into a closed isolated box 

General Equipments ; 

• Generator 

• Compressor 

• Vehicle Tyre Repairement Kit 

• Working Bench 

• Drill Bench 

• Welding Machine 

• Measurement Devices 

• Fire Extinguisher 

• First Aid Box 

• Tool Box 

Optional / Special Equipments ; 

• Diesel Tank 

• Greasing Pump 

• Oil Pump 

• Hose drum 

• Hot Cleaning Unit 

• Hoist 

• Telescopic Light Mast 

• Hydraulic Cutter 

• Asphalt Cutter Machine 

• Hydraulic Nutrunner 

• Hydraulic Submerged Pump 

• Portable Hydraulic Power Unit 

• Hydraulic Drilling and Crusher Machine 

• Telescopic Ladder 

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